Vegetarian: Salad

Recipes included here are either vegetarian as they stand or with minimal eliminations. If you find a recipe included here that you believe not to be vegetarian with simple eliminations, please let me know at

Mixing the Seasons (4/11/2016) - Spicy Pasta Salad With Smoked Gouda, Tomatoes and Basil
Fattoush (2/13/2016) - Grilled Zucchini and Bell Pepper Fattoush
A Different Cucumber Salad (12/30/2015) - Cucumber Salad
The Finance of Food (12/14/2015) - Loaded Spinach Salad
Sunday Rewind: Bring da Heat and da Sweet! (11/1/2015) - Sunday Rewind: Bring da Heat and da Sweet!
I Want a New Drug (side dish, actually) (9/21/2015) - Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Mustard Seeds
Sunday Rewind: It’s Summertime With This Salad (9/6/2015) - Sunday Rewind: Pasta Salad
A Gourmet Club Recipe – Made (8/25/2015) - J. Alexander's Wild Rice and Orzo Salad
A Litte Weird (7/9/2015) - Cranberry-Pear Salad
Don’t Mock This! (6/25/2015) - Mock Potato Salad
Gourmet Club: Thai Crunch Salad (5/21/2015) - Thai Crunch Salad with Peanut Dressing
Tamara (5/13/2015) - Roasted Red Pepper Dressing
George and Penn (4/3/2015) - Fresh Broccoli Salad
An A on the Calendar (3/27/2015) - Summer Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, Goat Cheese, and Basil
Starchy Salads (1/17/2015) - Rice Salad
Sunday Rewind: Greek Salad (1/4/2015) - Greek Salad
Gourmet Club: Cornbread Salad (12/2/2014) - Gourmet Club: Cornbread Salad
Bursting With Flavor (10/4/2014) - Spinach-Apple Salad
Reality Bites (7/13/2014) - Greek Diner Salad
Maggie Monday: Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato with Honey Lime Dressing (6/23/2014) - Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato with Honey Lime Dressing
Mandarin Freekeh Salad (4/25/2014) - Mandarin Freekeh Salad
Freaky Salad (4/5/2014) - Freaky Freekeh Salad
…in bed. (12/19/2013) - Rice Salad
World’s Longest Hot Dog (10/19/2013) - Cauliflower Tabouli
I’m Number 45 (9/27/2013) - Garden Potato Salad
Ginormous Bags of Produce (8/24/2013) - Bell Pepper Slaw
Maggie Monday: Tomato, Avocado and Red Onion Salad (8/5/2013) - Tomato, Avocado and Red Onion Salad
One…Two….Three…Done! (7/18/2013) - Red Raspberry Vinaigrette
Crisp, Tart and Refreshing (6/15/2013) - Green Apple-Truffle Slaw
O-H-I-O (6/9/2013) - Southwestern Veggie Side
Tastes Like a Caprese Duck (5/25/2013) - Spinach, Tomato, and Fresh Mozzarella Pasta Salad with Italian Dressing
Trekking North to Napa (4/4/2013) - Asian Coleslaw
Guest Post: A Taste of the Shan State, Myanmar (3/13/2013) - Myanmar Tomato Salad
Maggie Monday: Fresh Fruit Tossed Salad (2/18/2013) - Fresh Fruit Tossed Salad
The Crack of the Picnic Table (2/13/2013) - Grandma O's Potato Salad
Maggie Monday: Avoiding H-E-double hockey sticks (1/14/2013) - Black Bean and Avocado Salsa
Never Ending Caprese (10/12/2012) - Grilled Portobellos with Mozzarella Salad
L.O.V.E. Wrap Sandwich (9/29/2012) - L.O.V.E. Wrap Sandwich (Lettuce, Onion, Vegetable, Egg Salad)
Maggie Monday: Drooling Over Sweet Macaroni Salad (9/24/2012) - Sweet Macaroni Salad
From Weeding to Plate (9/8/2012) - Grilled Romaine Salad
Maggie Monday: Cucumber Salad (9/3/2012) - Cucumber Salad
Do I Cook with a lot of Cauliflower, or What?!?! (8/30/2012) - CAULIFLOWER-BACON SALAD
Sweet Ohio Harvest (7/29/2012) - Grilled Corn Salad with Black Beans & Rice
Maggie Monday: Strawberry Salad (7/16/2012) - Strawberry Garden Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing
Bring da Heat and da Sweet! (5/27/2012) - Pineapple Salsa
It’s Summertime With This Salad (5/17/2012) - Pasta Salad
Greek Salad (4/3/2012) - Greek Salad

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