Breakfast Pizza

As school funding has diminished over the decades, schools (and other groups like churches, sports teams, scouts) have found ever-increasing ways to raise money for activities. One that has been a long time staple in the Northeast Ohio area was Market Day.

Began in the 1970’s, Market Day has sold frozen products on a monthly basis for fundraising. Producing a monthly newsletter of all of the items (100+), supporters would complete the order form and turn it and money into the group they are supporting. In later years, Market Day also accepted orders online. Then on a specific day, Market Day would drop off all of the orders to a specific location and the people who ordered would need to go pick it up.

I loved Market Day for a couple of reasons. First off, their prices were competitive and I felt that I was helping to support for no additional cost.

Second, the food was good. They had the best tortilla crusted tilapia, bagel dogs and pot roast. Their pies were just awesome!

Lastly, I liked the newsletter. When bored and sitting in a church pew (which I have to admit was most of the time for me), I could review each item and think of things I could make with it. I think that may be one reason why we ordered so much.

Alas, Market Day was sold in 2015 to World’s Finest Chocolate (another fundraising company) and it ceased operations.

Breakfast Pizza

Photo Mar 28, 9 03 32 AM - Featured Size

One of my favorites from Market Day was Breakfast Pizza. It was long time I made my own.

Photo Mar 28, 7 56 31 AM

Very few ingredients: eggs, bacon, shredded cheese and pizza crust.

Photo Mar 28, 8 38 02 AM

Scramble the eggs. Fry the bacon. Break the bacon into pieces and combine with the cooked eggs.

Photo Mar 28, 8 38 06 AM

Take your mini deep dish pizza pans (see the product review here) and coat with cooking spray.

Photo Mar 28, 8 38 47 AM

Start with cheese (you make it upside down).

Photo Mar 28, 8 39 10 AM

Add the bacon/egg mixture.

Photo Mar 28, 8 40 24 AM

Roll out your dough.

Photo Mar 28, 8 40 52 AM

Cut the ring larger than the pan.

Photo Mar 28, 8 41 20 AM

Overlap the dough over the pan.

Photo Mar 28, 9 02 44 AM


Photo Mar 28, 9 03 29 AM

Flip and serve!

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3 Comments on “Breakfast Pizza”

  1. April 2, 2016 at 11:18 am #

    Oh yeah – I haven’t had breakfast and I soooo want one of the babies RIGHT NOW!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. April 2, 2016 at 11:30 am #

    OMG. That looks tasty! 🙂



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