Maggie Monday: Prime Rib

A new post from Maggie! Lamb or Prime rib? Maggie made the right choice. Take a look…

I always make Leg of Lamb on Easter. I went Costco to get the lamb (they have beautiful boneless butterflied lamb for a great price) and sitting there in the case right next to the lamb sat packages of gorgeous looking Prime Rib Roasts. I have never made Prime Rib, but on a whim scooped one up and left the poor little lamb sitting in the case. Next year, little lamb. Next year.

Next began the process of online shopping for a recipe. There are tons. I guess there are LOTS of ways to prepare prime rib. I settled upon Ree Drummond’s version. Since this was my first time out of the gate, I did not alter the recipe.

I followed it to the letter. It was great. The family ate the whole thing- nary a left over for a Monday lunch sandwich. We were stuck with the obligatory egg salad from Easter Eggs.

This base of the rub for this roast is salt. Guess what? It is VERY salty. My husband was not a huge fan of the crust, but loved the meat. The rest of us were thrilled.

There were not a lot of pan drippings, (certainly not enough to serve au jus) so I made red wine sauce with what I had. Due to the salt crust, I will say that was a bit too salty even for me. Next time I might make an au jus with separate beef stock.

Overall, THUMBS UP!

IMG_0820 - Featured Size

Prime Rib

What you need:


1/2 whole Rib Eye Roast (I Use Boneless, But You Can Do More Traditional Bone-

in Prime Rib) About 7 Pounds

4 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1/4 cups Kosher Salt

2 Tablespoons Tri-color Peppercorns (or Any Peppercorns)

2 Tb Rosemary (fresh is great, dried is fine)

3 Tb Thyme (fresh or dried)

1/4 cups Minced Garlic (can use dried or jarred)


What you do:




Preheat oven to 500°F

On stove top in a skillet sear meat in olive oil over very high heat until nice dark golden color. Place tricolor peppercorns into a bag, crush pepper corns with a rolling pin. (I used my mortar and pestle) Strip the leaves from the rosemary and thyme springs. Mix salt, crushed peppercorns, rosemary leaves, thyme leaves and garlic.

Pour olive oil over the rib loin and pour on the rub mix. Pat slightly to get it to stick to the meat. Roast for 20-30 minutes at 500 degrees, then reduce heat to 300°F and roast for another 20 to 30 minutes or until a meat thermometer registers 125 for medium rare (roast will continue to cook slightly after removing from the oven.)


NOTE: If you’d like the meat more cooked, leave it in the oven longer. Just keep an eye on the meat thermometer and don’t let it cook past medium rare!




Remove from oven and let rest at least 20 minutes before slicing.


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