Gourmet Club: Thai Tang Mou – A Drink With A Bite

Last year, we hosted our gourmet club, and as such we were able to pick the theme. I chose Thai because I wanted to push the comfort zone of myself and the other members and make things that we likely had not before. I found a number of good dishes but when it came to a drink that fit the theme, it took me much longer.

After a lot of looking I found a couple of cocktails from a hotel bar in Thailand that were intended to bring the flavors of the cuisine to alcoholic drinks. The first one I made had quite a bite to it. Not from the alcohol, mind you, but from the ginger.

Thai Tang Mou

Photo May 10, 2 59 32 PM

I tripled the recipe because I was serving so many. You see the rum (I used the rum I had), lemons, simple syrup, watermelon (the basil didn’t make the picture) and a yellowish liquid in a measuring cup.

Photo May 10, 2 43 44 PM

What is it? Ginger juice. I looked for some in my local store but was left to make my own.

Photo May 10, 2 37 43 PM

Take a couple of large pieces of ginger, peel it, slice it and put it into a blender. Beware! This drink is not for those with sensitive tastes!

Thai Tang Mou


2 oz. of Bangyikhon rum
1.25 oz. Syrup
0.5 oz. Fresh Thai lemon juice
0.5 oz. Fresh ginger juice
4 pcs. Watermelon for garnish
2 Thai basil leaves for garnish


Mix the first four ingredients. Serve in long drink glass and garnish with watermelon and basil leaves.

Source: http://magazine.fourseasons.com/travel-food-style/food-restaurants/gourmet-food-recipes/drink_recipe_thai_tang_mou

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