Product Review: Circulon Elementum Double Burner Griddle

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

A big box came the other day.

I was happy to see the Circulon logo as I have tested some very good products of theirs before.

Inside was the Circulon Elementum 18″x10″ Double Burner Griddle.

The first thing I noticed, and what might the most important thing in a griddle, is that it is non-stick.

In addition to the non-stick coating, the griddle is filled with grooves. These grooves help to enhance the effectiveness of the non-stick.

The bottom of the griddle is perfectly flat. If you are using either standard gas or electric burners, or have a smooth glass top, this griddle will not rock around.

The handles on each end are coated with heat tolerant silicone that are both durable and easy to grip.

Time to put it to use. For me, the default meal to use a griddle is breakfast. While there are many things you can make outside of breakfast, there are so many things that will test the griddle out in a typical American breakfast. The sausage cooked quickly.

Pancakes were next and despite my inability to scoop a nice round pancake, they cooked great. The griddle is safe to use with silicone or metal utensils and it is made of an even-heating hard-anodized construction.

Working on the eggs.

How about a pound of thick-cut peppered bacon? It fits!

I could have also put the griddle into the oven up to 400 degrees to cook the bacon. It is safe to do so. Now how do I get the grease out?

Lucky for me the griddle has one corner that is a pour spout. Simple pour the grease out into a container and clean the griddle by hand.

My Take: As you can tell from above, I am hard on griddles. It has to be tough enough to fry up the bacon and still be able to release the eggs and pancakes easily. The Circulon Elementum 18″x10″ Double Burner Griddle does both. With the advanced non-stick surface (I really do think the ridges help that a lot) and hard-anodized construction, I know this will get quite a bit of use in my house. With a hassle free lifetime guarantee, you should consider it for your house as well. The Circulon Elementum 18″x10″ Double Burner Griddle is available online and in many retailers.

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