Product Review: Moscow Mule Mugs by Moscow Muled

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

A small and very light box arrived the other day.

Inside was a pair of Moscow Mule Mugs by Moscow Muled.

These beautiful Moscow Mule mugs are hand-made with solid bottoms.

You may have read that putting a liquid with a high acid content (think the lime juice in a Mule) is bad in a copper mug because it leeches the copper into the drink (think bad). That is why these Moscow Mule mugs stand apart. They are coated on the inside with nickel to prevent that issue (think good!). These Moscow Mule mugs have handles that are welded to the vessel, not riveted, so you have a complete leak-proof interior.

Look at that fantastic work. The mug holds 16 ounces, so you can have a person-sized drink and not have to refill constantly. To clean them up, just a drop of mild liquid soap and a gentle hand wash. Dry them quickly to keep the copper shiny. Like any copper, it will develop a patina over time and quickly drying after washing will slow down that process.

Let’s put it to the test. Included with the mugs was their recommended Moscow Mule recipe. Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer and lots of ice.

Ready to go. I can say they were great!

So why copper? Yeah it looks cool, but the real reason is the copper instantly adjusts to the temperature of the contents inside. I put the ice in this mug 30 seconds ago and you can see the “frost” layer that identifies how cold it has gotten.

Mules have come a way from Moscow. How about a Cuban Mule?

Oh yeah!

Ever ride a Mexican Mule? Try it out.

My Take: These are great mugs. What’s not to love? They have the nickel lining, welded handles, are 16oz and are beautiful to look at! You can find these Moscow Mule Mugs at Moscow Muled.

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2 Comments on “Product Review: Moscow Mule Mugs by Moscow Muled”

  1. March 3, 2018 at 8:11 am #

    I love this!


  2. March 3, 2018 at 7:51 pm #

    we have those mugs – and love using them for icy drinks


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