Product Review: SteakChamp

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

I received a small box the other day.

Inside was “The Ultimate Steak Thermometer” from SteakChamp.

This product is designed to help you easily determine that our steak (or pork, chicken, etc..) is perfectly done to your liking.

The SteakChamp is a little over 3″ long (think the size of a large nail) and made of stainless steel.

When you have a nice cut of meat, like the filet mignon above, you cannot risk not cooking it right. It is not only a waste of money, but almost a crime to over-cook these cuts.

The first step before use is to activate the SteakChamp. By placing it in the holder at this point, the magnets turn on the electronics inside.

Insert it into your steak.

I rolled these in a porcini mushroom dust. Believe me, try it.

Every seven seconds or so, a green light will illuminate to let you know that it is on and working. Time to cook.

I decided to pan sear these. The SteakChamp can be used on the grill, on the stove and even in the oven or broiler.

As the temperature is approaching 120-125 degrees the green light will flash rapidly. Once it hits the temperature, it will remain give a quick double flash in green.

As you continue to cook (or in this case let rest) the signal starts to flash yellow rapidly at 135-140 degrees. If you continued to cook, you would have the red signal at 149-153 degrees. I took this out of the pan at a solid green and it continued to cook while resting up to the yellow phase.

Use the holder to help pull the SteakChamp out of the steak. It is not recommended for the dishwasher but it is so small that it only takes seconds to hand wash.

Look at that perfect steak. Yum!

Let’s try it with pork.

Don’t forget to activate it. It will automatically turn off approximately 5 minutes after the cooking process or 30 minutes without a temperature increase.

Time to cook.

I wanted my pork a little more done than the filet, and here you see the red light.

My Take: I don’t know how many grilling thermometers I have gone through in my cooking career and many lack in a number of ways. The SteakChamp is small to store, easy to clean, and most important – accurate. I like the auto-off feature and it is estimated the built in battery will last for 1000 uses. If you have a grillmaster in your house or you just want better assurance that your meat is properly cooked (without cutting into it), the SteakChamp is for you. If you have eaters in your house that like their steaks cooked at different doneness levels, you might want a couple, but if everyone like them the same, one may be enough. You can find it at SteakChamp or at Amazon.




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