Product Review: Trudeau Aroma Aerating Wine Pourer with Stand

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

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We have another product we are looking at today from the folks at Trudeau.

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We have the Aroma Aerating Wine Pourer with Stand.

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Trudeau always takes such care in the packaging of their products allowing them to be an elegant gift.

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A little about aeration. From the experts at Wine Spectator:

“Exposing wine to air does two things: it triggers oxidation and evaporation. Oxidation is what makes an apple turn brown after its skin is broken, and evaporation is the process of liquid turning into vapor. Wine is made up of hundreds of compounds, and with aeration, usually the volatile undesirable compounds will evaporate faster than the desirable, aromatic and flavorful ones.

There are a few particular compounds that are reduced with aeration, such as sulfites, which are added to wine to prevent oxidation and microbial activity but can smell like burnt matchsticks, and sulfides, which are naturally occurring but can remind you of rotten eggs or onionskins. The more dense and concentrated a wine is, the more it will benefit from aeration and the longer it can go before beginning to fade.”

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You can decant the wine, but who has the time to let a beautiful wine just sit there? I know I just want to start drinking. The Aroma Aerating Wine Pourer allows you to aerate the wine with a simple pour. First, open the wine and insert the pourer.

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Notice the holes on the side of the Aroma Aerating Wine Pourer. This is where air is drawn into the pour and the aeration occurs.

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Ready to pour!

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You can even see the bubbles that form that show how aerated the wine is getting.

Photo Apr 24, 10 04 16 AM - Featured Size

A closer look.

Photo Apr 24, 10 04 23 AM - Featured Size

OK. I admit it. I just wanted more wine!

My Take: Aerated wine does taste better and the aroma is fully released during the process. You can take an average bottle of wine and make it taste good or a good bottle and make it excellent. The Aroma Aerating Wine Pourer makes this process simple and quick. For the wine lover in your life it makes the perfect gift or be good to yourself and pick one up for your wine drinking. You can purchase it at many stores and online locations including here.

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