Product Review: Totally Bamboo 3 Bowl Large Prep Board

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Photo Mar 24, 5 02 59 PM - Featured Size

I have another product today from Totally Bamboo.

Photo Mar 24, 5 03 06 PM - Featured Size

The 3 Bowl Large Prep Board arrived the other day and it is quite stunning.

Photo Mar 24, 5 03 14 PM - Featured Size

To give you perspective, this 16.5″x 22″ is a big board. There is lots of room for food here.

Photo Mar 24, 5 03 53 PM - Featured Size

First, look at that grain. It is just beautiful!

Photo Mar 24, 5 03 30 PM - Featured Size

The bottom of the board has thick, sturdy legs with a rubber sole to keep it from sliding on the counter.

Photo Mar 24, 5 03 55 PM - Featured Size

One of the key things about the board are the three bowls. They are designed for containing the ingredients you have just sliced.

Photo Mar 24, 5 04 08 PM - Featured Size

The bowls are easily removed (see the indent for your finger to grip the bowl). This makes it for easy grabbing.

Photo Mar 26, 3 48 54 PM - Featured Size

The lips of the bowls are flush with the top of the board so it you can slide the ingredients in.

Photo Mar 26, 3 54 43 PM - Featured Size

I love this picture. The beauty of the board and the great colors from the vegetables are stunning.

Photo Mar 26, 3 55 01 PM - Featured Size

OK. Beauty is one thing. Usability is another. Let’s get to work.

Photo Mar 26, 3 59 07 PM - Featured Size

Slicing left no cuts or nicks on the board. I am sure with use there will be some of it, but with care, it can be kept to a minimum.

Photo Mar 26, 4 00 32 PM - Featured Size

Using the back edge of the knife (please never use your cutting edge), the peppers end up in the cup.

Photo Mar 26, 4 09 30 PM - Featured Size

My stir fry ingredients are ready.

Photo Mar 26, 4 46 45 PM - Featured Size

Here is where the value of those removable bowls come in. The board is hefty and large (which is a good thing). As you can tell from the picture above, where I prep my food is a distance from my stove. Way too often I drop some of my prepped ingredients as I transfer them to the stove. Not anymore.

Photo Mar 26, 4 47 09 PM - Featured Size

Grabbing each cup is easy.

Photo Mar 26, 5 13 49 PM - Featured Size

And dumping the ingredients in.

Photo Apr 02, 10 14 32 AM - Featured Size

Prep can be for salads too.

Photo Apr 02, 10 24 15 AM - Featured Size

Like those above.

Photo Apr 02, 11 37 29 AM - Featured Size

In addition to using the board for prep, it makes a gorgeous platter. As you can see above, I have presented ingredients for an Asian-Salmon salad that allowed everyone to make their own.

My Take: What can I say other than this is the 3 Bowl Large Prep Board is not only a nice looking board, but adds a level of functionality over any other board I have used. The use of sustainable bamboo removes any guilt over having such a substantial board and the inclusion of the prep bowls is ideal for any professional chef or home cook. To be blunt, go buy this today! You can purchase it here.

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2 Comments on “Product Review: Totally Bamboo 3 Bowl Large Prep Board”

  1. koolaidmoms
    April 18, 2016 at 11:22 am #

    Looks gorgeous and sounds amazing!


  2. plummymummy
    April 19, 2016 at 5:58 am #

    Looks very handy. BTW you have a lovely kitchen!


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