Product Review: Totally Bamboo Double Salt Box

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

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At the International Home and Housewares show this past year, I was able to spend some time looking at some really cool and even more beautiful products from Totally Bamboo. I have one here to show you today.

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On one of the cooking shows, I once heard a professional chef state that the difference between his food and one of a home cook is that his is properly seasoned. I have taken that to heart and my cooking has gotten better because of it. To help you in that endeavor we have the Totally Bamboo Double Salt Box.

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Designed to sit on your countertop (I have mine next to the stove), it has the beautiful grain of bamboo.

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Easily sliding open, two individual compartments are revealed.

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Designed to be used how you need it, you can fill it with what makes sense to you. Here we have both kosher salt and pink rock salt.

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The wide openings easily allow you to use a measuring spoon, or do what I do, grab a pinch or two.

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Only use one salt? No problem. It is not a push to fill it with salt and pepper. The salt box is solid enough that even swung wide open, it does not tilt.

Photo Mar 27, 8 17 05 AM - Featured Size

My Take: Have a cook in your life that you just don’t know what to get for him or her? Reasonably priced, the Totally Bamboo Double Salt Box is a great solution. Having the two most commonly used spices so easy to use aids starting cooks and experienced chefs. The gorgeous grain of the bamboo looks great and is a compliment to your kitchen. Check it out here.

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