Product Review: Cooks Innovations Kitchen Tools

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Photo Jun 21, 10 47 11 AM - Featured Size

A box came the other day from Cooks Innovations.

Photo Jun 21, 10 46 49 AM - Featured Size

Inside was the Fryer Filter, Non-Stick Flaky Pie Crust Pan, Fridge Monkey, Spoon Guard and Zip Whisk.

Photo Jun 21, 10 47 48 AM

Let’s start with the Fryer Filter. I had reached out to Cooks Innovations to see if they would be interested in a review of this product. I had seen it on their website and it was designed to address an issue I had with deep-frying, filtering the oil after.

Photo Jun 21, 10 48 47 AM

The filter comes in a sheet. You measure what you need by placing your basket on top and then cut the corners.

Photo Jul 12, 9 21 11 AM

The filter fits easily into the basket.

Photo Jul 12, 9 21 14 AM

Depending on the size of your basket, it will go up most of all of the side.

Photo Jun 21, 4 52 55 PM

I was making some deep-fried jalapeño slices. Quite a messy thing.

Photo Jun 21, 4 59 09 PM

And out of the fryer. Many of the deep-fried crumbs were captured in the filter.

Photo Jul 05, 7 18 38 AM

The next item was the Spoon Guard.

Photo Jul 05, 7 19 34 AM

How many times have you rested a spoon inside a pot or pan only to return and find it has slipped down inside? The Spoon Guard makes a non-slip edge for your spoon to rest.

Photo Jul 05, 7 20 23 AM

In even this very shallow pan, I placed two spoons to rest on the side. The one against the pan’s edge immediately slid down. If the pan had been a pot, it would have slipped right in. The spoon resting against the Spoon Guard didn’t slide a bit. I can see this is not only great for spoons, but for candy thermometers too.

Photo Jul 05, 7 16 02 AM

Next is the Zip Whisk.

Photo Jul 05, 7 16 36 AM

The Zip Whisk consists of a whisk with a cylinder at the top.

Photo Jul 05, 7 17 07 AM

When the bottom of the whisk rests on the bottom of a bowl or pot and you simply press down on the top the whisk swirls while you push down and let up. No need to wear out your wrist with constantly swirling.

Photo Jul 05, 7 49 32 AM

Three eggs and a little milk.

Photo Jul 05, 7 50 00 AM

Omelette here we come!

Photo Jul 05, 7 15 33 AM

Next up, the Fridge Monkey.

Photo Jul 05, 7 15 45 AM

Have cans and bottles you want to store in your fridge and don’t have space to store them upright? Fridge Monkey to the rescue.

Photo Jul 12, 9 18 51 AM

The Fridge Monkey keeps these wine bottles from rolling around this short shelf in my fridge.

Photo Jul 12, 9 19 44 AM

Lastly, the Non-Stick Flaky Pie Crust Pan. This short edge non-stick pan is great for either a small pizza or a great pie.

Photo Jul 12, 9 19 36 AM

The holes on the bottom of the pan ensures the curst bakes evenly.

My Take: I’m always impressed with products by Cooks Innovations. Their collection of Fryer FilterNon-Stick Flaky Pie Crust PanFridge MonkeySpoon Guard and Zip Whisk are all designed to solve a common problem in the kitchen. Not all of the problems are huge, but many are those pesky little ones that can still make you exasperated over and over. Check out these great products and more here.

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