Product Review: simplehuman Sensor Pump

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

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A box came for the Ranting Chef a week or so ago from simplehuman. Haven’t heard of them? Even if you haven’t, you probably have seen their products. simplehuman designs everyday tools that strive to solve small problems that you face every day and make you more efficient.

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Inside the box was their 13oz Sensor Pump with Caddy.

As you know, I do a lot of cooking. During a typical dinner preparation, I wash my hands several times. Once before I start…if I am working with raw meats…if I am slicing hot peppers…if I am kneading bakery items. You get the idea. Many times my hands are covered in food and I found that I was constantly getting food all over the hand soap manual pump as I would touch it to get soap out. I purchased an automatic soap pump and while I loved that the pump remained food free, the pump I purchased was a poor choice (I won’t reveal the brand here). I burned through liquid soap like it was water. It would dispense all the time. Turn on the faucet, it dispensed. Walk by, sometimes it would go off. I would occasionally hear it dispense while I was watching TV in the other room. I finally threw it away and went back to the manual pump but missed the ease of a sensor pump. I was ecstatic to see what the simplehuman pump had to offer.

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This large capacity pump is designed for the kitchen. Usable for either dish soap or hand soap, it has a sleek design and brushed nickel finish.

Photo May 26, 4 28 34 PM

The caddy holds your dish sponge keeping it out of your sink and off your counter.

Photo Jun 07, 12 14 28 PM

The Sensor Pump has a great feature where you can determine how much soap you want it to put out. Need just a little to wash your hands or a lot to soap up a sponge, you’ve got it. It is also quick to push the soap out. One quick moment and it is dispensed.

Photo Jun 07, 12 14 43 PM

While I have a dishwasher and use it for all I can, I do hand wash knives, pots, pans and selected other items. I keep my bottle of dish soap under the sink and every day pull it out again. Fill the Sensor Pump with dish soap and you never have to touch that bottle again.

Photo May 26, 4 28 49 PM

Filled with hand soap, this is the sweet spot for me. The sensor in the simplehuman Sensor Pump is set so it only goes off when your hand is right under the pump.

My Take: Keeping your kitchen clean is an important part of cooking. That is never more important than when you are talking about your hands and other cooking instruments. Making that easy is what simplehuman does with their 13oz Sensor Pump with Caddy. A stylish device, it helps you keep not only your hands clean but your sink area as you no longer have to touch a manual soap pump with food covered hands. The sensor in the 13oz Sensor Pump with Caddy is tuned to only deliver soap when you want it and the volume settings allows you to specify how much you get. simplehuman met their goal with the 13oz Sensor Pump with Caddy in making lives more efficient. You can purchase it here.

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