Product Review: Bonita Alpha Ironing Mat and Maximo Drying Rack

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

I was able to attend the International Housewares Association show last March and while there found a lot of great products. Here are two of them.

Photo May 20, 7 35 57 PM - Featured Size

I received a couple of boxes the other day from Bonita. As I am the kitchen guy, I asked The Ranting Wife to weigh in on the products. Here she is…

Photo May 20, 8 08 23 PM

The first product I looked at was Bonita’s Alpha Ironing Mat. This product won a Finalist Award for Innovation at the show, becoming the first Asian based vendor to win such an award.

Photo May 20, 8 08 51 PM - Featured Size

The Alpha Ironing Mat is a brand new product that makes ironing anywhere an easier chore. The 47″x26″ cushioned mat allows you to spread it on a counter, table or even floor to iron.

Photo May 20, 8 09 47 PM

The cotton fabric of the Alpha Ironing Mat is decorated with whimsical laundry related words.

Photo May 25, 2 27 25 PM

The clothes stay where they should be and ironing is easy. If you have a narrow ironing board, it is nice to be able to have your entire garment flat at one time.

Photo May 25, 2 29 09 PM

This product is great for those with limited space that still want to have their clothes look nice. Travel a lot? Have a small apartment, boat, cabin, trailer or RV? The mat folds to the size of a bath towel for storage or transport.

Photo May 25, 2 29 53 PM

No more having clothes hang off an ironing board.

Photo May 20, 8 08 59 PM

Built into the mat is a silicone disk.

Photo May 25, 2 25 47 PM

Which is perfect to place a hot iron.

Photo May 20, 7 36 07 PM

The other product that Bonita sent over was the Maximo drying stand.

Photo May 20, 7 39 31 PM

After opening the box and finding all of these pieces, I thought “uh-oh”.

Photo May 20, 7 48 51 PM

There was no need to worry. The instructions were easy (there is even a YouTube video I didn’t need to watch) and it was all together in five minutes.

Photo May 20, 7 59 01 PM

This is the drying rack to end all drying racks. First off, it is tall enough to hang a full length dress.

Photo May 20, 7 59 06 PM

There are three drying racks that you can position to any height.

Photo May 20, 8 02 38 PM

Hanging towels or pants? No problem.

Photo May 20, 7 59 12 PM

The racks also easily fold down on each side if you need to either hang something long from a higher rack or just for storage.

Photo May 20, 8 04 36 PM

So versatile. The rack is lightweight and comes on casters so it is very easy to move around.

Photo May 20, 8 00 18 PM

The Maximo will replace a much more basic stand and a clothes rack I had been using previously.

Photo May 20, 8 02 40 PM

Use the racks to lie something flat if you like.

Photo May 20, 8 02 43 PM

At the top on both sides are arms for your hangars.

Photo May 25, 3 37 25 PM

This rack easily holds a load of laundry.

Photo May 25, 3 37 35 PM

My Take: The Alpha Ironing Mat and Maximo are great products. The Alpha is perfect for those with limited space and for ironing something large (a tablecloth for the holiday table for instance) but also works well for everyday use. The Maximo gives you everything you’d want from a drying rack. It holds quite a bit of clothes and is very flexible on how it can be configured for use. Purchase the Maximo here and the Alpha here.

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  1. June 7, 2015 at 4:14 pm #

    The ironing mat looks interesting and I could see a lot of different purposes for it.


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