Product Review: T-fal OptiGrill

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Photo Jul 30, 5 07 32 PM - Featured Size

The other day, I received a box in the mail. Inside was the T-fal OptiGrill.

Photo Jul 30, 5 07 24 PM

What is the OptiGrill you ask? I’m happy to show you.

Photo Jul 31, 7 11 03 PM

The OptiGrill is an indoor grill that brings so many cool features it leaves the other grills (including one marketed by a former boxer with five kids named George) in the dust.

Photo Jul 31, 7 10 52 PM

The OptiGrill has the key features that you would expect: compact enough to store easily in a cabinet, large enough to cook 3 strip steaks or four good-sized burgers, and detachable dishwasher safe non-stick cooking plates.

Photo Jul 31, 7 11 13 PM

This is a sturdy piece of equipment.

Photo Jul 31, 7 11 30 PM

The first cool new feature is the ability to tell it what you are cooking. There are buttons for all the common items: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausages, steaks and seafood. This selection allows the grill to identify the optimum cooking temperature and time.

Photo Jul 31, 7 11 22 PM

This indicator let’s you know by color what is going on with the cooking. The disc in the center turns different colors depending where you are in the cooking cycle.

Photo Aug 09, 12 11 39 PM

Time to give it a workout. I decided to grill a Panini sandwich.

Photo Aug 09, 12 08 20 PM

After selecting sandwich, select OK and watch it start to heat.

Photo Aug 09, 12 08 14 PM

The hinge in the back of the grill allows really thick items to be placed on it and still maintain full contact on both the top and bottom. The grill has a sensor that knows how thick the food is. This is really important as a thinly sliced chicken breast will cook very differently than a very thick turkey breast. The combination of thickness and food type selection allows for perfectly cooked food.

Photo Aug 09, 12 19 56 PM

This grilled cheese has something that most grilled cheese doesn’t – grill marks!

Photo Aug 13, 5 00 41 PM

Next, some chicken.

Photo Aug 13, 5 18 38 PM

The marinated chicken caused a lot of liquids to run out. Luckily the OptiGrill has a drip tray that is twice the size of my current grill. I didn’t have to worry about it overflowing during cooking.

Photo Aug 13, 5 23 49 PM

Don’t these look awesome? Perfectly cooked.

Photo Aug 15, 4 55 02 PM

How about some chicken burgers?

Photo Aug 15, 5 00 13 PM

Again, cooked great.

My take: This is a great piece of kitchen equipment. The OptiGrill has so many extra features that it means instant retirement (without a tear) of my existing indoor grill. The thick capacity, thickness sensor, easy food selector, timer and cooking status indicators are things that all grills should have. Luckily they can all be found in one place, in the OptiGrill. You can purchase it at most major retailers and online at sites like Walmart. Check it out.

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One Comment on “Product Review: T-fal OptiGrill”

  1. lorieb
    August 26, 2014 at 1:58 pm #

    sounds awesome, what price do they sell for?


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