Product Review: Boxxle and Tervis Goblet

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Recently, I was able to cover the 2014 International Home and Housewares show in Chicago as a media representative from the blogging community. While there I was able to spend some time at a number of booths and see some really interesting products. These products were being displayed at the show.

Photo Apr 25, 7 23 55 PM

I love coming home from work and seeing a box for the Ranting Chef.

Photo Apr 25, 7 24 15 PM

This time it was from Boxxle.

Photo Apr 25, 7 24 33 PM

Boxxle makes a premium dispenser for boxed wine. Now I know what your initial reaction is, boxed wine? I can understand the reluctance as the first generations of boxed wine were pretty awful stuff. In the last decade or so, though, there has been quite a turn around as much better wines are being boxed and the varieties are rather broad.

Photo Apr 25, 7 25 06 PM

Boxxle holds the 3 liter bags within most wine boxes (some have 5 liters though). It is stylish with black and stainless and very unobtrusive. It has hand grips on each side so it is easy to move around, even when filled.

Photo Apr 25, 7 25 15 PM

You start by opening up the top and pressing down the shelf inside. It is spring-loaded but locks in place when you push it down. This gives you room for the bag.

Photo Apr 25, 7 25 27 PM

I decided to go with the Big House Pinot Evil (Pinot Noir). Boxed wine has a number of advantages over the bottled kind. First, it is less expensive to bottle and ship and those cost reductions are passed to the consumer. It is less damaging to the environment as the materials to make it are fewer and most importantly, it keeps open wine fresher.

Photo Apr 25, 7 26 21 PM

How does it do that? There is a very limited amount of air in the bag of wine inside the box. The seal is such that no additional air is let in. With an open bottle of wine, much more air comes in contact with the wine. If you finish the bottle, there is no problem, but if you don’t, the wine starts to lose freshness because of that air.

Photo Apr 25, 7 26 53 PM

Place the bag inside of Boxxle. Slide the spigot into the holder on the side (you likely need to rotate the spigot 180 degrees).

Photo Apr 25, 7 27 03 PM

When you close the lid, it locks the spigot in place and the shelf is released. This puts pressure on the wine bag so when you open the spigot, there is constant pressure to squeeze the wine out.

Photo Apr 25, 7 27 23 PM

A quick turn of the spigot and the wine flows out.

Photo Apr 25, 7 28 35 PM

Boxxle fits well with my kitchen decor and could replace a number of these bottles in the future.

Photo Apr 30, 7 31 06 PM - Featured Size

The good folks at Tervis sent over one of their wine goblets to take a look at. You have to be living under a rock not to have seen Tervis products everywhere. Their tumblers have had almost every logo or saying known to man put inside of them (I have an Ohio State one) and their great design allows cold beverages to stay cold not to sweat condensation. They are almost impervious to anything short of a meteor-strike and are great for gifts. Even though the goblet is large, it easily fits under the Boxxle spigot.

Photo Apr 19, 8 13 26 PM

I had not seen their goblet until I went to the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The wine stem inside of the typical outer tumbler was a fun and interesting find. The goblet, which can be personalized online, is perfect for party gifts, bachelorette parties, picnics, the beach and concerts in the park.

Photo Apr 19, 8 12 55 PM

My Take: Boxxle is the first product that has me exploring the world of boxed wine again. It is stylish, easy to set up and takes the cardboard box away. Boxxle can be purchased online at here. The Tervis goblet is a fun wine “glass” that will be the hit of any party. Check out the goblet here.

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One Comment on “Product Review: Boxxle and Tervis Goblet”

  1. May 13, 2014 at 8:49 pm #

    I love box wine. It’s a great option for someone like me who doesn’t drink a ton of wine, but still likes to have a glass or two on a weekend. I can’t tell you how many half full bottles of wine lived in my fridge until I just admitted that I’m a box wine person! This looks like a great product if you want to “dress up” your box of wine a bit. Thanks for posting!


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