Product Review: Littledeer Cooking Utensils

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Packages coming for the Ranting Chef are awesome. Ones that come internationally? Extra awesome!

Photo Mar 23, 2 56 42 PM

What I found was a great collection of wooden utensils from Littledeer. Included in the box was: The Pot Scoop, The Better Spreader, The Pan Paddle, The Sprongs and The Serving Scoop.

Photo Mar 23, 2 56 52 PM

Littledeer is Canadian company that makes a variety of products including both canoeing paddles and cooking utensils. Designed with fluid dynamics in mind, many of the kitchen utensils are specifically designed for either a left-handed or right-handed user. Being right-handed, I’ve never really noticed as most utensils were made either generic or for righties. I do know that when I held these utensils (Littledeer confirmed if I was a lefty or righty before they sent them out), they fit in my hand like a glove.

Photo Mar 23, 2 57 05 PM

Look at how beautiful the wood is. Each utensil is made from a single piece of maple. The grain of each piece is unique and makes for a gorgeous product. The utensil is smoothed all around and has the Mapleware polish on it to help protect the wood. If you haven’t used wood utensils before, they are great for all cookware, including non-stick, and they clean up with some warm soapy water. I decided to give each tool a workout.

Photo Apr 06, 4 23 35 PM

The Sprongs went to work first. Reaching into a pan of sizzling oil, the utensil maintained it’s grip on even the rounded edges of chicken drumsticks.

Photo Apr 06, 4 23 53 PM

While I could have used The Sprongs to turn the chicken thighs, I wanted to get The Pan Paddle into action. This is one of the tools that is designed to your hand, and it feels it. Holding it with my other hand, it felt a bit awkward. In my right? Perfect. The Pan Paddle easily slid under a frying boneless chicken thigh in order to turn it.

Photo Apr 08, 5 05 23 PMThe Serving Scoop served dual purpose by helping to move around the onions

Photo Apr 08, 5 27 57 PM

and to later stir a sauce I was making.

Photo Apr 14, 8 23 50 AM

The Better Spreader went to work slicing a stick of butter.

Photo Apr 14, 8 30 27 AM

The Pot Scoop worked well in the mixing bowl

Photo Apr 14, 8 33 03 AM

And spreading the pie filling into the crust.

MY TAKE: Littledeer makes a product that is not only beautiful, but functional. As many chefs don’t give enough thought to “mouth feel” of their food, many utensil manufacturers don’t give enough thought to “hand feel”. It is obvious that Littledeer has spent quite a bit of time making their utensils fit your hand like a glove. I love that each utensil is made from a single piece of wood which improves the quality of the piece and the longevity. The utensils work effectively and I like that I don’t have to worry about using them with non-stick cookware. Many of the utensils I use on a daily basis I hide in a drawer when not in use. I’m happy to have Littledeer cooking paddles and utensils prominently displayed in my kitchen. You can purchase Littledeer products by visiting Williams-Sonoma here in the United States, or by checking out the “Where to Buy” section on Littledeer’s website.

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