Grilled Gazpacho (6/4/2016) - Grilled Gazpacho
Kosher Salt (3/22/2016) - Spanish-Style Brined Pork Tenderloin
Picadillo (1/19/2016) - Slow-Cooker Picadillo
Diced! Dessert Challenge Finals – Trilogía de Postres (Spanish Dessert Trilogy) (8/20/2014) - Home-Made Spanish Rice Pudding, Crema Catalana, Mom’s 1-2-3 cake
The Christmas Hammer (8/12/2014) - Spanish-Style Noodles with Chicken and Sausage
How Did You Grow The Rice? (3/18/2014) - Mexican Rice
Rule Number 6 (2/22/2014) - Spanish Chicken and Potato Roast
The Non-National Dish of Spain (1/16/2014) - Paella
The Hidden World Around Us (11/16/2013) - Posole Rojo
Maggie Monday: Huevos Rotos (12/3/2012) - Huevos Rotos
Trip to Spain (10/17/2012) - Authentic Spanish Rice

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