Product Review: GrowlTap

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

IMG_1691-0000I received a GrowlTap the other day, and I was excited.

IMG_1690-0000What is a GrowlTap? For those who don’t know, a growler is a container (jug, bottle) that is used to transport and temporarily store beer that comes from a keg for personal use later on. The typical use is to have it filled at a local microbrewery (although some bars and even some grocery stores do this) and take it home. That way you get fresh beer on tap at home without having to buy a big keg.

IMG_1692-0001One of the biggest issues with a growler is the beer tends to go flat quickly. In most cases, you need to drink your growler beer within a day or day and a half of filling. The GrowlTap helps you extend that time.

Included in the GrowlTap package is a set of valves, tubes, a tap and a CO2 cartridge.


The valves replace the cap to your growler and one tube is inserted which reaches the bottom of the bottle. The other tube connects to the tap.

IMG_1695-0003For the first use, you screw in the CO2 cartridge. It is important to use food grade CO2 as it comes in contact with your beer.

IMG_1694-0002Give a very gentle push of the button that allows the CO2. This compresses the non-liquid part of the bottle and puts the beer under pressure. There are two benefits to this. It keeps the carbonation in the beer and allows you to use the tap to easily dispense the beer.

IMG_1706-0005My first pour. As this was a few mere hours after filling the growler, I would expect a fresh tasting beer with or without the GrowlTap. I got it. It takes a little practice to make sure you are not putting too much pressure into the bottle. When you do, you get a little more head on your beer. With a few tries, it becomes easy to figure it out.

IMG_1721-0006Day 2 – A normal growler would be starting to go a little flat. Typically still drinkable, but not for long. The GrowlTap made the beer stay as fresh as the first glass.

IMG_1728-0007Day 3 – At this point a normal growler would be flat and undrinkable. The GrowlTap was still keeping the beer fresh. I really tried to pour without getting much of a head and was really successful. If you look closely, you can still see a lot of carbonation within the beer.


Day 4 – Almost unheard of in growler drinking circles, the GrowlTap still produced a fresh beer. I would have tried a day 5, but my growler ended up empty!

My Take: As GrowlTap‘s motto states, “Flat Beer Sucks!”. Most growlers are built to carry your draft beer home and for you to enjoy that beer in 24-36 hours. Each time you open the top, the number of hours it will stay good drops. GrowlTap helps to extend your beer much longer than that. It is one of those products that stakes a claim and really backs it up. If you, or a loved one, enjoys draft beer but doesn’t want to commit to drinking 32 or 64 ounces at one sitting, the GrowlTap is a great solution. It makes a great gift for the beer drinker in your life. You can purchase it here.

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