Product Review: HIC Cocktail Ice Ball Tray

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Photo Nov 20, 7 46 44 PM

Another box from the Harold Import Company?

Photo Nov 08, 9 26 12 AM

Included was the HIC Cocktail Ice Ball Tray.

Photo Nov 08, 9 27 01 AM

The tray is made of silicone and is about the normal length and width of an ice tray. The two parts separate where you can see the two halves of the sphere.

Photo Nov 08, 9 28 27 AM

Fill the bottom well beyond filling the bottom halves of the spheres. The extra water will be squeezed into the top half of the spheres when the tray is put back together.

Photo Nov 08, 4 16 31 PM copy - Featured Size

Several hours later the top comes off and you have the cubes. In the picture above I didn’t put quite enough water in to get perfect spheres. I did better the second time.

Photo Nov 08, 4 17 25 PM

These spheres are pretty big and a typical cocktail glass is best to hold only two or three.

Photo Nov 08, 4 18 17 PM (1)

They cool down this mojito very easily.

Photo Nov 08, 4 18 33 PM (1)

The side view shows the spheres in action.

Photo Nov 08, 4 19 39 PM (1)

4:19PM: Because the Ranting Chef has more creativity than money to go out on the town, I decided to do a side by side melt test with an ice cube from my freezer’s ice cube maker.

Photo Nov 08, 4 29 54 PM

4:29PM: In a liquid, both cubes would melt faster than this open air test (assuming the liquid did not start near freezing). As it is more difficult to see the melting cube in a glass, I thought this would be better.

Photo Nov 08, 4 39 54 PM

4:39PM: Note the regular cube is half melted where the sphere is going strong. (The flat top on the sphere was there at the start)

Photo Nov 08, 4 50 33 PM

4:50: Yes, I really did take regular pictures every ten minutes.

Photo Nov 08, 5 00 16 PM

5:00: The cube is just about gone. The sphere still has quite a bit of mass.

Photo Nov 08, 5 13 14 PM

5:13: Normal cube time of death – 5:10PM

Photo Nov 08, 5 55 33 PM

5:55: I saved you all the additional pics but this was the last breath of the sphere. It lasted beyond double that of the other cube.

My Take: Cooling off drinks without diluting them is always a struggle. There are cups that keep things cool, but they really don’t fit for many drinks as they are typically double-walled mugs. Artificial cubes work, but seem a little strange in the glass (and you have to wash them after). HIC has hit on a great idea by creating the spheres. With the lowest possible surface area to mass, the sphere will melt less than the typical cube, diluting your drink less. I found the tray very easy to use and by being made of silicone, the spheres were very easy to remove from the mold. One added benefit when you are entertaining, is they look kinda cool and it is very likely your guests will notice. Take a look at this great product here.

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  1. MikeW
    November 21, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    Very cool info previously mysterious to me. Well rounded post…(0:


  2. December 1, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

    Since you read the Cleveland Plain Dealer and are a chef, did you see that my hometown Bay Village is opening another Heinens’ grocery store, downtown Cleveland? I just was grateful for your comment on my Pearls’ post, in November. Thankful for our connection through What part of Cleveland are you from? Take care, Robin



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