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They Don’t Need to be Dipped

When I receive tools for the kitchen to try out I create a product review post. When I receive food or beverage items, I always try to fit them into a recipe. I received a box from Almondina the other day and was perplexed on how to put it into a recipe.

Photo Dec 14, 10 03 17 AM copy - Featured Size

I ran into the folks that make Almondina at Cleveland’s Fabulous Food show. After having an opportunity to taste the product, I was intrigued. Almondina makes thin, crunchy biscuits in a variety of flavors. They are great just as they are, so I wondered a way to use them without losing their natural taste. As I has hosting people over and running out of time, I decided to go an easy route (more later).

Photo Dec 14, 10 06 21 AM

Four of the nine flavors decidedly would go well with dark chocolate: the original Almond, Chocolate Cherry, choconut (almond and chocolate) and Almonduo (almond and pistachio).

Photo Dec 14, 10 06 56 AM

The remaining four I received, while great in their own right, may not go as well with the chocolate dip (I included a set of the original flavor in the pic): Pumpkin Spice, Sesame, Cinnaroma and Gingerspice.

Photo Dec 14, 10 17 28 AM

I had a bag of dark chocolate chips that I melted in Rose’s Silicone Baking Bowl while using it as a double boiler.

Photo Dec 14, 10 24 20 AM

Once melted I dipped the Almondina.

Photo Dec 14, 10 29 31 AM

Cooling on some wax paper.

Photo Dec 14, 10 29 25 AM

This was the first batch with several flavors.

Photo Dec 14, 11 58 26 AM

I put them into the freezer to set up. I went for a “rustic” look (which means I was ok with my sloppy dipping).

Photo Dec 14, 11 59 31 AM

This gave me the best of both worlds. Almondina is a flavorful  snack that, by itself, has around 30 calories per biscuit. With no added fats, salt or cholesterol, they are great by themselves. They do not need to be dipped to be enjoyed (unlike the dried out biscotti you find so many places).

Want to add a little more decadence? The ones dipped in dark chocolate paired well and I made sure to leave each one with a good taste without the dipped chocolate.

My guests loved them both ways.

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One Comment on “They Don’t Need to be Dipped”

  1. December 17, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

    Nice idea! :-)

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